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Finding Your Landing Pad

By Ilan Rubinstein


Use Online maps and resources to do your homework on where to live.

Consider being close to friends & family for support

Go within easy commute of better job prospects – Transport links

Educational requirements - full school day 

Climate preferences coastal / temperate / hills / arid

Leisure facilities & religious needs

Affordability - think twice about renting where where you probably can't ever buy.

Beware of harsh or bogus (rare but sadly exists world over) landlords ask for proof of title and ID.

Use of a lawyer is thus recommended

Check if security bars, alarm, air conditioning & furniture & appliances are included.

Are utility / communal bills paid up to date

View / stake out at day & night

Beware of clauses to vacate early.

Guarantors – usually 1 or 2 not always required often where you can provide a ...

Security deposit – Varies & amount is often negotiable .

Beware Absentee landlords (clarify who will maintain?)‏

Renewal option should have the terms attached. 

Viewing clauses – how much notice is reasonable

Option to buy may be regarded by tax authorities as a purchase.

Photograph condition before moving in 

Keep paint used or colour code.

Read, record and photograph water, gas & electricity meter readings

Show municipality Teudat Oleh for a 12 month discount.

Landlord usually asks tenant to insure contents and take out a 3rd party liability cover.

Ask to see copy of hi buildings Insurance which should be owners responsibility. (Not necessarily worth busting a deal over through)

Don't wait until April to start looking to buy... check your eligibility now!

Further details on application

The above checklist is for general guidance purposes and is not a comprehesnive document.

Nothing herein shall be construed as forming legal advice. Wishing you the best of luck in your new home.