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Apartment for rent In Charish - Town Centre  Hatamar , 3 Pictures
Apartment for rent, 5 Rooms,
In Charish - Town Centre,
Hatamar Street
3,000 ₪
FOR RENT IN CHARISH Brand new 5 room apt. Good neighborhood located near centre & ganim. 2.5 bathrooms, a/c, quality kitchen with 2 sinks, sukkah balcony, storage. Immediate e...
Penthouse In Alon Shvut - Centre  Alon Shvut , 1 Pictures
Penthouse, 8 Rooms,
In Alon Shvut - Centre,
Alon Shvut Street
1,850,000 ₪

Building Lot In Luzit - Bnei Betcha  Bnei Betcha , 1 Pictures
Building Lot,
In Luzit - Bnei Betcha,
Bnei Betcha Street
927,000 ₪
Build Your Own House in Israel (BYO) Mixed modern religious and secular community Zoned for building up to 240 sq m on this elevated half dunam lot in central location near park, basketball cour...
Villa for sale In Neve Michael - Roglit - Villas  Bnei Betcha , 6 Pictures
Villa for sale, 8 Rooms,
In Neve Michael - Roglit - Villas,
Bnei Betcha Street
2,980,000 ₪
Villa, 250/600 m², 8 rooms incl adjacent rental unit, custom kitchen, large balcony, garden, view MUST SEE
New Build In Ashdod - City  Near Marina , 2 Pictures
New Build, 5 Rooms,
In Ashdod - City,
Near Marina Street
2,180,000 ₪

Villas for sale In Aviezer - Aviezer  Main Street , 5 Pictures
Villas for sale, 3.5 Rooms,
In Aviezer - Aviezer,
Main Street Street
3,000,000 ₪
Single Storey Freestanding stone faced villa for sale in Moshav Aviezer. House has a well apportioned living room / dining room, large kitchen and enclosed pergola. Suits seniors seeking a more ...
House In Bet Shemesh - Nofei Hashemesh  Hasitvanit , 7 Pictures
House, 8 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - Nofei Hashemesh,
Hasitvanit Street
2,800,000 ₪
Corner house for sale in Nofei Hashemesh. Located near shul, park, ganim & schools. Custom kitchen with two deep stainless steel sinks, sukkah balcony, pergola, sun balcony facing ...
Garden Apartment for Rent In Carmey Tzur - Mishab  Mishab , 4 Pictures
Garden Apartment for Rent, 5 Rooms,
In Carmey Tzur - Mishab,
Mishab Street
2,800 ₪

Apartment for Sale In Elazar - Elazar  Shlomzion , 3 Pictures
Apartment for Sale, 3.5 Rooms,
In Elazar - Elazar,
Shlomzion Street
1,400,000 ₪
Apartment for sale in Elazar in central yet quiet location. Huge potential to add another 100 sq m as a second floor or as a separate apartment subject to necessary consents.