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Villa for sale In Neve Michael - Roglit - Villas  Bnei Betcha , 6 Pictures
Villa for sale, 8 Rooms,
In Neve Michael - Roglit - Villas,
Bnei Betcha Street
2,980,000 ₪
Villa, 250/600 m², 8 rooms incl adjacent rental unit, custom kitchen, large balcony, garden, view MUST SEE
Villa for sale In Aderet - Extension A  Bnei Betcha , 2 Pictures
Villa for sale, 5 Rooms,
In Aderet - Extension A,
Bnei Betcha Street
2,450,000 ₪
Ranch house / bungalow made with quality "Tuvza" stone Bright & breezy, wood kitchen, parent's room, security room. a/c, west facing sunset view.
Villa for sale In Caesarea - Hayam  Upon Application , 6 Pictures
Villa for sale, 8 Rooms,
In Caesarea - Hayam,
Upon Application Street
7,800,000 ₪

Villa for sale In Chashmonaim - Ramat Modiin  Yahalom
Villa for sale, 10 Rooms,
In Chashmonaim - Ramat Modiin,
Yahalom Street
6,000,000 ₪
Unique Colonial Style Villa in central location.
Huge parents suite on ground floor. Double kitchen

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Villa for sale In Lion Srigim - Villas
Villa for sale, 5 Rooms,
In Lion Srigim - Villas
2,300,000 ₪
Stunning countryside villa for sale in Lion Srigim, a secular village adjacent to Park Britannia. The yishuv is located close to Beit Shemesh between Jerusalem & Tel Aviv.

The house is cu...

Villa for sale In Caesarea - Villas  Ait
Villa for sale, 9 Rooms,
In Caesarea - Villas,
Ait Street
10,000,000 ₪
5 minutes from the see - full security with cameras & alarm view from the Jakuzi on the upest floor to the see--5 minutes from the see--air condition-alarm +cameras+beautful garden--new kitchen