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Villa for sale In Aderet - Extension A  Bnei Betcha , 2 Pictures
Villa for sale, 5 Rooms,
In Aderet - Extension A,
Bnei Betcha Street
2,550,000 ₪
Ranch house / bungalow made with quality "Tuvza" stone Bright & breezy, wood kitchen, parent's room, security room. a/c, west facing sunset view.
House In Bet Shemesh - Migdal Hamayim  Har Meiron , 8 Pictures
House, 6 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - Migdal Hamayim,
Har Meiron Street
2,780,000 ₪
Unique, Immaculately finished corner house with large private garden for sale in Migdal Hamayim Beit Shemesh. Large living room. Stunning eat in kitchen. Master bedroom suite with walk in clos...
Villa for sale In Caesarea - Hayam  Upon Application , 6 Pictures
Villa for sale, 8 Rooms,
In Caesarea - Hayam,
Upon Application Street
7,800,000 ₪

Apartment for Sale In Bet Shemesh - Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph  Nachal Lachish , 6 Pictures
Apartment for Sale, 6 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph,
Nachal Lachish Street
2,100,000 ₪
Near shopping center and shops, Close to cafes and restaurants, Close to schools and kindergartens, Open view, Located in a religious environment, large balcony, covered parkin...
duplex In Alon Shvut - Centre  Maale Michael , 4 Pictures
duplex, 7.5 Rooms,
In Alon Shvut - Centre,
Maale Michael Street
2,480,000 ₪
2 master bedroom, central location, near shops and transport, has nice view, pergolla for sukkah
House In Bet Shemesh - Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph  Nachal Noam , 6 Pictures
House, 7 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph,
Nachal Noam Street
3,250,000 ₪
Balebatishcher expansive house on gated project situated in a central, established location in the heart of Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph and within close proximity to stores, shuls schools and par...
Apartment for Sale In Modiin - Nofim  South , 3 Pictures
Apartment for Sale, 4 Rooms,
In Modiin - Nofim,
South Street
1,870,000 ₪
7 New buildings of 9 floors. Spaciously built with open view and park below.
House In Alon Shvut - Givat Ha'etz  Harakefet , 4 Pictures
House, 7 Rooms,
In Alon Shvut - Givat Ha'etz,
Harakefet Street
4,950,000 ₪
Freestanding Villa for sale in established neighbourhood of Alon Shvut with the largest lots. House has separate lounge & dining room, large garden with a view and two additional rental units.
New Build In Kiriat Gat - Karmei Gat  Tower , 3 Pictures
New Build, 5 Rooms,
In Kiriat Gat - Karmei Gat,
Tower Street
1,390,000 ₪
Amazing opportunity to invest or move into a brand new mixed community at low prices.