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New Build In Givatayim - Sheinkin  Borochov , 4 Pictures
New Build, 6 Rooms,
In Givatayim - Sheinkin,
Borochov Street
9,000,000 ₪
Brand new whole floor apartment suites for sale in small private block in Givatayim. Located in quiet residential area within easy walking commute of the Diamond Exchange. The building is complete wit...
House In Ra'anana - David Remez   , 2 Pictures
House, 5.5 Rooms,
In Ra'anana - David Remez
9,900,000 ₪
Single storey freestanding house in a prominent position located in the centre of Raanana. Situated in an elevated position this house offers easy access for seniors, ample off street parking and ...
House In Bet Shemesh - Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel  Chavakuk Hanavi , 4 Pictures
House, 6 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel,
Chavakuk Hanavi Street
3,800,000 ₪
Freestanding villa on a 360 sq m lot. House has large kitchen, 80 x 80 flooring in living room, adjacent pergola. Parents suite with separate balcony. Rooftop terrace with amazing pan...
duplex In Jerusalem - Givat Mordechai  Heller nr Botanical Gardens Nayot , 4 Pictures
duplex, 6 Rooms,
In Jerusalem - Givat Mordechai,
Heller nr Botanical Gardens Nayot Street
4,900,000 ₪
Pentcottage across Botanical Garden Valley in Jerusalem is part of a chain of open areas including the Gazelle Valley, Sacher Park & Nachal Refaim. Situated in the heart of Jerusalem, the Bota...
duplex In Bet Shemesh - Sheinfeld  Gad Townhouse
duplex, 5 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - Sheinfeld,
Gad Townhouse Street
1,650,000 ₪
Sheinfeld Duplex in great location, 5 rooms, large salon in great condition.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/p2wXLjQr...

Penthouses In Kesalon - Farms  Moshav Kesalon , 3 Pictures
Penthouses, 5 Rooms,
In Kesalon - Farms,
Moshav Kesalon Street
6,000,000 ₪
Moshav Kesalon
Jerusalem Corridor
Stone faced villa 430 m² built on 2.8 dunams
Property includes main dweling on 2 floors & 3 rental units
Attractive kitchen.
Large parents suite<...

Cottage for sale In Bet Shemesh - Givat Sharett  Yaakov Dori , 3 Pictures
Cottage for sale, 6 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - Givat Sharett,
Yaakov Dori Street
1,700,000 ₪
Deluxe cottage for sale in a quiet area of Givat Sharett Beit Shemesh,renovated, 2 garden areas
New Build In Eilat - Tzofit  Hatnufa , 7 Pictures
New Build, 2 Rooms,
In Eilat - Tzofit,
Hatnufa Street
950,000 ₪
This apartment project is located in the center of Eilat on the corner of Ha'anofa and Efroni Streets in the Zofit Elite neighbor-hood, next to Eilat's entertainment area, with shoppin...
New Build In Netanya - Agamim  Agamim , 1 Pictures
New Build, 6 Rooms,
In Netanya - Agamim,
Agamim Street
2,950,000 ₪
Unique cottage project in an up and coming neighbourhood in South Netanya. Located between Ir Yamim and South Beach.

Houses for sale at apartment prices.

Self-contained Basement with...