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Cottage for sale In Bet Shemesh - Givat Sharett  Yaakov Dori , 3 Pictures
Cottage for sale, 6 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - Givat Sharett,
Yaakov Dori Street
1,700,000 ₪
Deluxe cottage for sale in a quiet area of Givat Sharett Beit Shemesh,renovated, 2 garden areas
New Build In Eilat - Tzofit  Hatnufa , 7 Pictures
New Build, 2 Rooms,
In Eilat - Tzofit,
Hatnufa Street
950,000 ₪
This apartment project is located in the center of Eilat on the corner of Ha'anofa and Efroni Streets in the Zofit Elite neighbor-hood, next to Eilat's entertainment area, with shoppin...
New Build In Netanya - Agamim  Agamim , 1 Pictures
New Build, 6 Rooms,
In Netanya - Agamim,
Agamim Street
2,950,000 ₪
Unique cottage project in an up and coming neighbourhood in South Netanya. Located between Ir Yamim and South Beach.

Houses for sale at apartment prices.

Self-contained Basement with...

New Build In Bet Shemesh - City Entrance  Yigal Alon , 1 Pictures
New Build, 5 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - City Entrance,
Yigal Alon Street
1,550,000 ₪
Unique luxury project by city entrance of Bet Shemesh near shopping,

Basic Specifications

* Granite Porcelain Flooring or equivalent in living room and bedrooms 45 X 45 cm

Penthouses In Bet Shemesh - Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph  Nahal Ha Besor , 3 Pictures
Penthouses, 5.5 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph,
Nahal Ha Besor Street
1,750,000 ₪
Beautiful penthouse duplex in Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph; Custom american style kitchen, 183 sq. m.,mirpesset with lovely view; many upgrades throughout; must be seen.


House In Modiin - Buchman  Gad - Moriah
House, 6 Rooms,
In Modiin - Buchman,
Gad - Moriah Street
3,690,000 ₪
Large house on a quiet cul de sac in the centre of Buchman close to shuls. The house has two main levels and a basement with two covered parking spaces. Quality kitchen, Living room / dining ro...
House In Herzliya - Pituach
House, 7 Rooms,
In Herzliya - Pituach
14,000,000 ₪
Immaculate detached luxury villa for sale in Herzliya Pituach.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/aB9TO3h0whw" framebo...

Apartment for Sale In Modiin - Neviim  Amos Hanavi
Apartment for Sale, 4 Rooms,
In Modiin - Neviim,
Amos Hanavi Street
1,950,000 ₪
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/v86tRjE1jds" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Penthouses In Modiin - Neviim  Efrayim
Penthouses, 6 Rooms,
In Modiin - Neviim,
Efrayim Street
2,590,000 ₪
Unique penthouse apartment for sale in Buchman, Modi'in. Prime location near Buchman Ashkenaz, Parks and Schools. Bright and breezy with 4 directions. Huge terrace open to the stars of ...