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Apartment for Sale In Bet Shemesh - Sheinfeld  Rechov Reuven
Apartment for Sale, 4 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - Sheinfeld,
Rechov Reuven Street
1,390,000 ₪

Garden Apartment In Ra'anana
Garden Apartment, 4 Rooms,
In Ra'anana
2,200,000 ₪

Villa for sale In Lion Srigim - Villas
Villa for sale, 5 Rooms,
In Lion Srigim - Villas
2,300,000 ₪
Stunning countryside villa for sale in Lion Srigim, a secular village adjacent to Park Britannia. The yishuv is located close to Beit Shemesh between Jerusalem & Tel Aviv.

The house is cu...

wooden house In Yehud - kiryat Byalistok  golda meir
wooden house, 5 Rooms,
In Yehud - kiryat Byalistok,
golda meir Street
3,000,000 ₪
5 rooms in Yehud
2 toilets
1 bathroom with bath + separate shower)
Front and back patios
– back with deck and pergola and ceiling fan)
– House 140 m²
– plot 250...

Building Lot In Chashmonaim - Ramat Modiin
Building Lot, 10 Rooms,
In Chashmonaim - Ramat Modiin
2,800,000 ₪

Building Lot In Chashmonaim
Building Lot, 7 Rooms,
In Chashmonaim
5,000,000 ₪

Villa for sale In Caesarea - Villas  Ait
Villa for sale, 9 Rooms,
In Caesarea - Villas,
Ait Street
10,000,000 ₪
5 minutes from the see - full security with cameras & alarm view from the Jakuzi on the upest floor to the see--5 minutes from the see--air condition-alarm +cameras+beautful garden--new kitchen

Villas In Kfar Shmaryhu
In Kfar Shmaryhu

duplex In Modiin - Buchman  Rachel Imenu
duplex, 5 Rooms,
In Modiin - Buchman,
Rachel Imenu Street
2,650,000 ₪
Delighful Duplex with private entrance.Bright & Airy, Quality flooring.